Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Water Your Faith Wednesday - The Power of a Praying Wife (Part 8)

Hello everyone! Welcome to "Water Your Faith" Wednesday! How do you feel after spending your Sunday at church praising and worshiping our Lord? I know I feel great! I start my week fired up and ready to face what's in store. Oftentimes, however, by Wednesday, life begins to drag me down. My goal is provide a way to overcome the spiritual doldrums with encouraging words, scriptures, devotions, songs, etc. Let me know what you think!
  Week 1, the introduction: The Power.
Week 2, His Wife.  
Week 3, His Work
Week 4, His Finances
Week 5, His Sexuality
Week 6, His Affection
Week 7, His Temptation
Week 8, His Mind.
Today, we are continuing our devotions with the 8th chapter in The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian: His Fears
"The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?" - Psalm 27:1
My ThoughtsIt was really hard for me to pick just one of the "Power Tools" verses Stormie provides because they were all so familiar and good! Fear attacks men and women differently. Women's fears, in my opinion, stem from our feelings of not measuring up or not being good enough. Men, on the other hand, fear the "what if's" (pg. 81). Reminding him that he has been "adopted by God" and that we're in the presence of a strong and loving Heavenly Father can go a long way in assuaging a man's fear (pg. 82).  Sometimes the Holy Spirit will prompt you to pray for something out of fear, but destructive fear is something we should help our husbands overcome (pg. 82). To sum it up, I will leave with this quote from Stormie's book (pg. 82-83): 
"The only kind of fear we are supposed to have is the fear of the Lord. When you have fear of the Lord, God promises to deliver you from your enemies (2 Kings 17:39), protect you from evil (Proverbs 16:6), keep His eye on you (Psalm 33:18), show you His mercy (Luke 1:50), give you riches and honor (Proverbs 22:4), supply everything you need (Psalm 34:9), reveal all you need to know (Psalm 25:14), bless your children and grandchildren (Psalm 103:17), give you confidence (Proverbs 14:26), a satisfying life (Proverbs 19:23), longevity (Proverbs 10:27), and the desires of your heart (Psalm 145:19)."

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