Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Book Photo Challenge - Week 1

As I was scrolling through my blog roll the other day, I came across a post from Kate @ Too Read or Not Too Read. She had participated in a January Book Photo Challenge. I thought "what a fun idea!" So, I've decided to participate in the #feb15bookchallenge on Instagram! Each week in the month of February, I will post the pictures for the challenge. (You can follow me on Instagram @ sdmauney14) If you want to participate, look up #feb15bookchallenge on Instagram for the list, and to see what others have posted! Have fun!

Day 1: TBR - These are just my paperback books on my TBR shelf!
Day 2: Heartbreaker - Though the ending of this book is happy, it broke my heart watching Ivy go through what she did. God is good!

Day 3: Steamy Read - We all know what probably got chosen the most...

Day 4: Cover Buy - I assume this means books we bought simply because of the cover...

 Day 5: Red Books - I didn't know I had so many!

Day 6: LOVE this book.. Of course I couldn't pick just one...

This was so much fun! I look forward to continuing this challenge the rest of the month!

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