Monday, March 21, 2016

Belize Mission Trip 2016 | Day 4


My friend, Jess, had her baby!! We were all praying for her as we worked. His name is Kai Alexander. Delinda (my mother-in-law) got to be in the delivery room and witness the entire thing. Their hospitals are not held to nearly the same standards as ours. Even though Delinda, Pastor Tim, and Judy had to wait at the hospital LITERALLY all day, baby Kai is here. He is healthy and strong, and mama is doing fine.
We painted again today. Some of the kids from the village asked if they could help, so we let them. That was an experience! I was so excited that they wanted to help. It gave us the opportunity to talk with them and give them the experience of making their school a better place. I hope it helps them appreciate their buildings more. You would not believe how much writing was on the walls, from names, to silly stuff, to down right vulgar stuff! I also hope the kids will learn that it's OK to go get a teacher if they see someone defacing the school. 

After dinner, we got together our 2 lbs of candy we were asked to bring, and we put together bags for the kids. The bags included candy (obviously), as well as pencils, erasers, and Sunday school lessons. We also made bags specifically for the teachers at St. Jude's. We made over 300 bags! It was so much fun assembling the bags and passing them down the line. I can't wait to give them out to the kids on Friday at the Bible School program we are holding.

There were 53 kids in VBS today. Since there were so many kids yesterday, our teachers regrouped and decided to do stations. Susan ordered little booklets to bring with us this year for Bible school on the "colors" of Salvation. She ordered 50 booklets and somehow God provided enough for all 53 children! As our pastor says, "loaves and fishes." 

Overall, it was a long and tiring day out in the hot sun, but the Lord blessed our village family with the healthy arrival of sweet baby Kai. 

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