Monday, March 14, 2016

Belize Mission Trip 2016 | Day 1

Hi friends! Back in January, I posted a blog about what's been going on in my life (A New Year | A New Focus). In it, I talked about my Belize Mission trip. Well, I just got back from Belize Sunday! I kept a journal while I was there and I plan on taking you through my trip day by day. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy....
Today was a travel day. I had to be at the church at 3 AM ready to go, so I was up at 2:15. We traveled for most of the day. Our flight left at 7 am. Travelling all day was not particularly fun, but getting to Belize made it worth it. We got there in the pouring rain, loaded our bags onto the vans in the pouring rain, and drove out of the airport in the sunny blue sky. After having dinner at Cheers, we headed to the Baptist Training Center. The closer we got, the more I began to recognize. There were so many changes, good chances, since the last time I'd been there!

Pulling into the Baptist Training Center in Camelote was like coming home. Seeing all the kids that I met from the previous year and seeing Maria, Sophie, Jessica, and Mrs. Benedicta brought me such joy and made my weary spirit happy. The first thing Jose said to me when I stepped out of the van was "So, I heard you got married Shannah. You married Mrs. Delinda's son." I thought I was going to die I was laughing so hard. 

Since this is only my second trip, I didn't expect to be so welcomed again. They might not remember me! Boy, was I surprised. Those kids are so smart! We also had the most people we've ever had in the 6 or so years New Sterling has been going to Belize. There were 26 people total: 20 from New Sterling and 6 from Boyce Memorial. The people from Boyce Memorial were real excited to be there and super nice.

Overall, day 1 was exciting and tiring. I couldn't wait to dive in and see what the Lord was going to do with our group!

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