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Tattler's Branch by Jan Watson Blog Tour: Interview & Review

Hello everyone! It's time for another enjoyable book review! Tattler's Branch by Jan Watson was provided to me in exchange for my honest review from Tyndale Fiction Publisher through their blogging program. Onto the review!

OverviewLilly Corbett Still has grown to love her life as the small-town doctor of Skip Rock, a tiny coal community in the Kentucky mountains. Though her husband, Tern, is away for a few months at a mining job, Lilly has her hands full with her patients and her younger sister visiting for the summer.
Lilly turns to her good friend and neighbor, Armina, to help keep things in order—until a mysterious chain of events leaves Armina bedridden and an abandoned baby on her doorstep. Lilly works to uncover the truth, unaware of what a mess she’s found herself in until a break-in at her clinic puts her on high alert. As she struggles between what is right and what is safe, Lilly must discover the strength of her resilient country neighbors, her God, and herself. 
Author Q & A:
1. What was your inspiration for this book, Tattler’s Branch?
I wrote this book because the people from Skip Rock Shallows had more stories to tell. I was reading my local paper one morning and came upon a story concerning something dramatic that had happened on a creek called Tattler’s. I could see Armina there.
2. Tell me about your main character Lilly Corbett Still. Was this character based on anyone in particular?
No, Lilly Gray Corbett Still is totally a figment of my imagination. Lilly is one smart and courageous young woman. I do love anything medical, so Lilly allowed me to indulge a bit in the medical practice of the time. If I were to live any of my characters’ lives, I would choose Lilly’s. She is so strong and determined. And kind—Lilly is very kind.
3. What lessons or truths will your reader find in the pages of this story?
A central truth in each of my books is that everyone is important and unique. Every person has a story to tell and that story is worth hearing.
4. How do you expect Lilly’s story to resonate with your readers?
I believe my readers will appreciate Lilly’s strength in the face of adversity.
5. As a writer, what did you particularly enjoy about crafting this story?
I especially enjoyed the relationship between Lilly and Armina. Armina is naturally funny and Lilly handles her prickly humor with aplomb. I also liked exploring the character of Shade Harmon. I learned a lot from Shade (including some things I didn’t need to know). The relationship he had with his first wife is especially telling.
The way he loved his baby girl touched my heart. Not to give anything away, but there’s a line in the book where Lilly says, “The ground at the foot of the cross is even.” I just love that she said that.
6. What is your hope for this novel? How would you like it to impact readers?
I want my readers to be entertained with wholesome, faith-affirming, thought provoking fiction.
7. What big questions will this novel get your readers thinking about?
I hope this humble story will inspire readers to look beyond a person’s earthly circumstance and ask themselves who that being really is and what lesson God sent them here to teach.

My Review: This is a new author for me. I don't think I've read any other books by Jan Watson. It will not be the last. The characters in the book are primarily female and they are all strong-willed and independent women! Lilly Corbett Still is a doctor, which is unusual for that time period. She is kind, empathetic, and independent. The other characters are equally loveable and intriguing. 

I have never read a book that does not have a strong male lead character. I've also never read one that was not a romance. This was a fresh surprise for me. It did not make the book any less enjoyable. The book was well written and intriguing. I wanted to read more about these characters lives and the faith that Lilly has is what I wish I could be like. 

Overall, this book was enjoyable. This is the seventh novel written by Jan Watson and it continues on the storyline of her first six books. This did not take away from the enjoyment of the book, nor do I recommend reading the other books first (although I really want to read the other books now!). They do not have to be read in the order they were written for them to be understood. I can't wait to read more by this author.

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**I received this book from Tyndale Fiction in exchange for my honest review**

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