Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bullet Journal | Future Log

Last week, I introduced you to the Bullet Journal concept. This week, I'm going to start the introduction into my own BuJo. The beauty of this system is the flexibility. There is so much room to make the BuJo your own... to make it work for YOU.

I wanted to start this series by introducing you to my future log. As stated in the last post, I use my future log to notate events that I need to remember for the upcoming year, as well as events that have happened and I want to remember for the next year. There are so many different ways you can set up your own future log. I chose to do my birthdays and anniversaries separate because I have so many I need to keep up with.

(Yes, that says "Birtdays"....)
I also chose to do the whole year on a 2 page spread for my future log. Some have chosen to do a few months to six months at a time. For me, it just seemed easier to have it all on the same page.

Check out the Bullet Journal blog for more Future Log ideas. You can also check out Pinterest for even more fun ideas!

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