Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bullet Journal | Budget & Savings Log

There are many different "logs" and "lists" you can put in your BuJo. One of the many notebooks I've carried around with me FOREVER is my budget notebook. I handle the finances for our family and I've created a pretty good system for keeping track of what bills are due and what paycheck I need to pay them with. The one thing I'm NOT good at, however, is saving. So, I researched "savings plans" on Google... after combing through an OVERWHELMING amount of plans, I decided to follow two: The 52-Week Savings Plan (in reverse) and the Christmas Savings Plan.

In my BuJo, I created a "savings log" spread. On one side, I have the 52 weeks savings plan. On the other side, the Christmas Savings plan. Each week I move money to my savings account, I revisit this page so I can check off the savings and keep track of my goals.

The great thing about the Bullet Journal is the flexibility it provides. I can't stress it enough! If you don't like one layout, use it for a week (or month) and try another one! There are ENDLESS options on Pinterest and the internet. Prime example: my budget log. I thought keeping it together with my monthly layout would be a good idea. After February, though, I decided I needed them all in the same place, so I changed my layout. It's worked out great the past two months! I didn't change my system, just moved where I kept the information.

As I continue my BuJo journey, I can look back at how it's evolved. I loved the concept when I first heard about it, and I love it even more now that I've started one of my own! What about you? How do you use your BuJo for budgeting and savings goals?

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