Friday, April 1, 2016

Belize Mission Trip 2016 | Day 7 | Wrap Up


Day 7: Today was our last work day in Belize. Our job was to finish up all of the projects we had started. We used all of the paint we had left to finish putting one coat on the lower school building. The men worked hard to get the roof and kitchen in Mrs. Benadicta's house back together. Some of our team were still out for the count, and I wasn't feeling all that great, so I mainly took pictures of the ladies conducting a quick Bible school lesson for the kids in the chapel at the school.  They did an amazing job catering the lesson to each age group and getting the kids involved.

Last time I came to Belize, I got to witness a wedding. This time, I got to witness a baptism of a 3 day old baby Kai. Pastor Tim does an amazing job of explaining why Presbyterians believe in infant baptism. It was such a tender moment to see my mother-in-law stand proudly beside Jess, her mom, and her little boy. It was a great night, filled with love and laughter.

Day 8: Goodbyes are always hard, but this year proved to be the hardest. I know my "season" in Belize has come to an end with my desire to start a family of my own. I woke up with a heavy heart and dreaded the moment we would pull out of Camelote village. We stopped at Mrs. Benadicta's to say our goodbyes to Jess and the baby. Mrs. Benadicta hugged me, and the tears started falling. She said "Isn't it such a blessing that God lets us be sisters?" Such a sweet, sweet lady! I made sure to tell "my kids" to behave themselves and continue to work hard to be examples for their friends. I probably cried halfway to the airport.

I know my time in Belize has changed me. I look forward to the day I can come back and see the growth of, not only the community, but the friends and family I have made there. I can look back on the memories I made and the experiences I had in Belize with a smile, knowing they made just as much of an impact on me as I did on them.

Day 9: After a long day of travel (yesterday), 2 hours in line for customs, we missed our connecting flight. We stayed in Miami overnight because the only flight they could get all 10 of us on was in the morning. We flew from Miami, to Tampa, then on to Charlotte. We made it home around 1 pm, and boy was I glad to be home. 

Overall, as with the last trip, I am truly humbled by my experiences. I cannot begin to describe what God has shown me about myself this last week. I look forward to starting a family of my own, but I will truly miss the people in Belize. They have a large part of my heart.

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