Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sing by Lisa T. Bergren

Hello everyone! It's been awhile, I know. School... it just gets in the way. :p  I was finally able to finish the second book in Lisa T. Bergren's Homeward Trilogy Series, Sing.  Let's get to the review!!

From Barnes and Noble:
Sing (Homeward Trilogy Series)Overview:
Moira St. Clair has done exactly what her father forbade her to do: chased her dreams to sing on the stage. But even as her star rises, she becomes more vulnerable to those who wish to use her—or bring her down….

It is 1886, and the St. Clairs are living out their dreams in three very separate parts of the world—Paris, Brazil and Colorado. And while each has found a measure of success and joy, each is haunted by past sins and secrets.Once home in Colorado, the St. Clairs struggle to learn what it means to sing praise to God—even in the face of tremendous loss—and trust Him in all things, even when forced to fight for their very lives.

My Review:  This book was hard for me to get in to.  I found Moira to be self-centered, selfish, and immature.  I was also VERY disappointed at the choices she made in this book.  However, I took a step back for a minute and really focused on the message of Moira's story.  Aren't we all a bit selfish, immature, and self-centered sometimes? Who was I to judge (yes, judge a fictional character) Moira when I myself have been guilty of the same traits? After I came to that realization, I was able to get into the story more.  Moira made some bad choices. She, like everyone else, thought God was no longer interested in her and wouldn't want anything to do with her. How wrong was she!  Even after all she had done, God whispers to her "I AM grace." That gave me chills! I AM GRACE. Those three simple words. God wants us to realize that HE is grace and we need to sing praises to him and trust in him no matter what comes our way! Isn't it great to know there is one bigger than us to help us and to lean on in our lives?

It was nice to visit with Odessa and Bryce and Dominic again as well.  Odessa and Bryce face their share of problems in this book too, but Odessa faithfully reminds Bryce that God gives us life. This passage struck me enough to want to quote it for you: "But it is God that grants us life. We must praise Him, Bryce. Even when it's hard. Even when all seems dark. We must remember what is good, what is true, rather than believe fears and half-truths. That is how we cope with the day. That is how we keep living our lives the way He would have us live them, embracing them rather than just surviving them." Each character struggles to grasp the meaning of rejoicing and singing in the Lord's grace and mercy.  Each character continues to grow, and we get to watch all three of them evolve into the men and women the Lord is shaping them to be. Lisa T. Bergren provided another excellent book with well thought-out plots, intriguing characters, and enough action to not make it boring.  

Upcoming review:  Claim (Homeward Trilogy #3)


  1. I have a feeling I'm going to feel the same way about Moira, but I'm sure I'll still enjoy this book. :D

    1. I hope you do, Melanie! I can't wait to see what you think about it.