Friday, June 7, 2013

Bees in the Butterfly Garden

Hello friends! I hope this beautiful Friday finds you well. I have been in a bit of a reading "funk" lately. I did manage to find this little gem of a book out of the not so exciting books I've read recently, though.

Bees in the Butterfly Garden by Maureen Lang was a pretty good book. The plot of the story was good, although I would have liked for a little more action. What I like the most about this book was the message. This story teaches you about God's mercy and grace in a way I've never read it before. It was very enlightening.

Meg Davenport has been sheltered away at Madame Marisse's school for girls her entire life and resented her father for it. So when news of his untimely death comes to her, she isn't all that sad. In fact, it makes her more determined than ever to leave the school. Little did she know what she would find out about her past and how it would change her life forever...

Ian Maguire loved John Davenport like a father. He also loves "Meggie" but knows he can never have her because of the life he chose. He's a thief after all. So when Meg offers up the biggest heist of his career, he is very conflicted... does he protect the one he loves from the one thing that would most certainly ruin her chances, or does he help her to do what she's suggesting and be the stumbling block?

I'll start by stating this: Claire Pemberton and the entire Pemberton family are a rare family to read about in fiction books like this. They exude their faith and live it "out loud" in high society; that is not often heard of. It is Claire's explanation of the difference between mercy and grace that touched me the most. "Mercy," she says, "is being spared the deserved punishment... Grace is more than mercy. It's a gift, completely undeserved. Like heaven." That is so true! None of us deserve God's mercy and grace. He willingly sent His son to pay the price, so that we can accept a gift none of us deserve, HEAVEN! This is why this story caught and kept my attention. The evidence of God's mercy and grace are shown in several ways throughout the story and it amazed me each time. I would have questioned several of the times mercy and grace were shown, and the characters in the book didn't even hesitate to offer it, just like God doesn't hesitate to offer us his love and mercy.

If you're looking for a fast paced, exciting tale, this is probably not the story you would want to choose. If you are looking for a well written Christian book about God's love, mercy, and grace then you've found it. I recommend everyone at least read it once!

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