Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Saving Taya by B. Benfield

Saving Taya
Faith and Love Series, #2
ISBN-13: 9781945011115
Publisher: Evermore

Taya's faith in God was unflappable, until fate played a cruel trick on her. On the cusp of finding out her boyfriend is actually married, and leaving her once-loved career, she decides, with the help of her beloved grandmother, to start over by moving back home to Virginia to run the family gift shop. She never expected to meet the town cop, Carter.

Carter fights his own demons, but his faith in God's ultimate plan stays strong. Sensing Taya's inner struggle, he works at helping her find her way again. However, life slaps Taya in the face once again, destroying her already precarious faith in God. Carter's by her side, never losing his belief in Taya. Each day spent with her, his feelings for her become stronger. Taya, enduring one of life's many battles, feels the same for Carter.

When Carter has to make a trip back home to Texas, Taya is left behind and discovers just how punishing life can be. Kidnapped and scared, Taya finally turns to God and prays. Prays she'll make it out alive, prays she'll see the man she's coming to love, and prays she'll make it back to her ailing grandmother.

Will Carter make it back in time to save Taya before her newly-found faith dissolves?

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My review: Saving Taya is completely different from the first book in the Faith and Love series, Sophia Redeemed. I thoroughly enjoyed the change of pace. To me, it shows how versatile B. Benfield can be in her writing style. I loved how steady this book progressed. I'm still getting used to the first person point of view the author prefers, but she provides enough detail about the other person's expressions so I can know their thoughts too.

Taya's past isn't ideal. She made some mistakes, drifting from her faith, that she regrets. Her struggle to accept the forgiveness so freely given her from our Lord is evident throughout the story. At some points in the story, I felt as if I was drowning in the worry and guilt with Taya. Carter is a strong, stalwart character. His understanding of his faith truly amazed me when I found out he was a "new" Christian. The fact that he fully embraced his salvation, forgiveness and love shines through on every page! Their romance is sweet, building slowly through the story. It was nice getting to see how Matt and Sophia were doing. I'm glad they made an appearance. 

The message of the story is about forgiveness and salvation. Carter and Taya both embrace the Salvation Jesus provides, but struggle with letting go of their own feelings of guilt, fear, and unworthiness. Carter is good for Taya. He really helps her grow, bringing the importance of living right to the fore front.

Overall, I enjoyed Saving Taya and I look forward to more from this amazing author.

*I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.*

About the Author:  B. Benfield is a Contemporary Christian Romance author. She got her start writing New Adult Romance. She went on to self-publish four novels before ultimately deciding to take those books off the shelves, follow her heart, and pursue Christian Romance.

She’s a banker by day and a writer by night, spending all time in between hanging out with her husband, son, friends, and family! She loves to hear from her readers, so don’t hesitate to shoot her a message!


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