Thursday, April 4, 2013

Megan's Hero

Megan's Hero is the third, and final installment in the Callahan Crossing series by Sharon Gillenwater.  Just like the first two, it's an excellent read! This one was a little different in the fact that one of the main characters is not a Christian in the beginning of the book.  I liked that fact, because we got to see her journey to accepting Christ as her Saviour, and to me there is  no greater thing than that (even though it was in a fiction book!).

Megan Smith didn't think things could get any worse, and then they did. The book opens with Megan pulling over on the side of the road, all her earthy possessions with her, in the middle of a downpour.  The downpour goes from scary to frightening in minutes. With a tornado popping out of nowhere, and no time for her to run, she does the only thing she can think to do. Leave the van, lay herself down in a ditch, and pray (to whoever is out there) that she lives. Once the storm is over, Megan starts to panic some. Her van is totaled. She is pregnant with almost no money, and no where to go. What was she going to do?

Enter Will Callahan, the 32 year old Callahan bachelor. He and his family watched the tornado and after it was over, he goes to check and make sure no one was caught in the tornado.  One look at Megan and Will is a goner. He is thinking about her constantly and takes up the role of "protector" in her life. 

Will and Megan both have to struggle with the concept of God's amazing love and grace. Megan, however, has more to struggle with.  Throughout the book we see her trying to grasp the concept of why God would save her after all she'd done in her past. I think she finally understands when she reads the last verse of Psalm 18:19, "He rescued me because he delighted in me." If she didn't understand why God would rescue her out of the muck and mire of the past, I certainly did. It brought tears to my eyes!

I love the fact that this book brings to light the challenges that a pregnant, single woman with no where to go faces. I also love the fact that it gives those women hope that there are some good men out there who are willing to accept the challenge of being with her. It shows God's mercy. This was just an excellent book, and I highly recommend it!

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