Thursday, April 4, 2013

Emily's Chance

Man meets woman. Man loves woman. Man marries woman. If only it were that simple...

As you all know, I absolutely LOVED the first book in this series, Jenna's Cowboy.  The second book, Emily's Chance, was no different. Sharon Gillenwater created another great book with in-depth characters you can relate to. Chance and Emily have qualities that all of us have and they struggle with problems and issues, just like we do. They are likable and both are stubborn to the core (and let's face it, how many of us out there are NOT stubborn??).

Chance Callahan, a 29 year old bachelor, is ready to settle down and he knows exactly who he wants to settle down with. Problem is, she doesn't know it yet.  Chance owns his own successful business building and repairing houses, while helping out at the ranch occasionally.  He is a typical, good-hearted, Christian man.  He's stubborn, bossy, and struggles on a daily basis with a critical and sometimes "holier-than-thou" attitude.  He is just like most Christians. I'll admit that I've had a problem with having an attitude that did not stem from Christian love as it should have, just like most of you have too. 

Emily Rose Denny is determined to make a big name for herself. Unfortunately, with her chosen career path, that is taking a little longer than she hoped for.  Emily dreams of being a curator for a big-city museum.  She wants to prove to her mother and father that she's worth something and her life was not wasted.  Emily is also painted in a most human way.  She has a past, and she struggles daily in her faith. Half way through the book, though we see a suttle shift in Emily's character.  As the book says "her head might be determined to have a big city career, but her heart was saying that life in Callahan Crossing would bring her happiness."  She struggles with the fact that God's plans might not be her plans, just like most of us do in our lives.

In the end, God's will wins out just as it should. It shows us that if we listen to our hearts, God will make his will and way clear for all of us. This was a good, sweet, romantic read just like the last one. Go, read it!

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