Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Texan's Choice

Boy, oh boy am I behind on my book reviews! School, unfortunately, is taking up my book review time and I am none too happy about it! BUT, that's life right!!

Anyways, A Texan's Choice by Shelley Gray is the third installment in the Heart of a Hero Series and it is just as fantastic as the first two. This book is mainly about Scout Proffitt (whom we met in the previous book) and Rosemarie Cousins.  There is also a side story with Scout's old gang member, but the main focus is on Rosemarie and Scout.

In the second book, A Texan's Honor, we remember that towards the end of the book, Scout met a young girl named Kitty who changed his life.  His whole life he'd been trying to be like his older brother Clayton.  He wanted to be worthy of his family and anyone in general.  Somehow, Kitty broke through is tough and lonely existence and set him on a path of irrevocable healing.  The beginning of this book marks Scout winning a ranch in a poker game and going to retrieve it.  Without giving away any more of the plot, he meets Rosemarie Cousins and has no choice but to marry her. Scout never dreamed he have a wife, especially not one like Rosemarie. 

Rosemarie is tired. She is tired of waiting and tired of being ignored.  She, like Scout, faces a difficult time accepting that she is worthy of any one's love and affection since her family has treated her so horribly.  She is, however, facing what life throws at her straight on.  She is tough and determined to make her life better. She, like Scout, never thought she would find herself married, yet alone to a notorious gunslinger who acts nothing like the novels depicted him to. 

I like the part near the beginning of the book that, after Scout asked Rosemarie to marry him, that says "For the first time, she took [his hand] easily. Like they were becoming a pair instead of merely two lost souls stuck on some of the worst land in the great state of Texas" because I believe this is where the true healing for each of them begins.  They have to learn to rely on each other and think about each other's thoughts and feelings, when they are both so used to being alone.

The main theme, running rampart through the book, is about choices.  Each person faces life with choices.  That's part of God's will for our lives, the freedom to choose whether we believe or not.  This book metes out past and present choices for each of the characters, ultimately ending in a happy, sweet way. "Faith and believing in a higher power? It's a personal thing. Something that can't be forced or taught."

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I did!

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