Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Texan's Honor

The second installment in the Heart of A Hero series by Shelley Gray is as promising as the first! A Texan's Honor revolves around several characters, but we'll introduce three here: Jamilyn (Jamie) Ellis, Scout Proffitt, and Will McMillan.

Jamilyn Ellis has been taking care of herself since her brother was killed during the war. Her parents retreated into themselves and pretty much forgot about her. Because of that, she hasn't seen or done much in her life. Since the death of her parents, nothing has gone right for her. At the beginning of the story, Jamie is a victim and a hostage of the notorious Walton Gang. Even though she is a victim, she shows some admirable qualities: fear, strength, determination, spunk.

After Will McMillan, former soldier and now U.S. Marshal working undercover, meets Jamilyn Ellis, he knows his life is going to change forever. He's never taken kindly to treating women disrespectfully, but the Walton gang seems fit to do just that. He is determined not to let that happen. Along with Scout Proffitt, notorious gunslinger, he decides to get Jamie off that train at all costs.

Scout Proffitt is well known as the most lethal man in the west. He's a hired gun, a killer. This story shows many different facets of Scout, even though he's not one of the main characters.  First, we see the hardened gunslinger let a captive, Jamie, get under his skin and ultimately sets her free against the Walton's wishes. Then, he meets Kitty. Kitty profoundly affects his life. I am not going to spoil it for you, but be prepared. Kitty will open his eyes and his heart like no one else can.

This book revolves around honor. The epitaph of Wyatt Earp's tombstone rightly starts this story off: "...That's nothing's so sacred as honor and nothing so loyal as love!" Honoring ourselves, honoring our Lord, and honoring each other is what we learn through these characters in the book.

I highly recommend this book, just like the first one!

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