Monday, September 22, 2014

Wynn in the Willows by Robin Shope

A haunting story of forgiveness, science, murder, and other matters of living.

Wynn Baxter returns to Willow Island to study rare plant life and welcomes the opportunity to investigate the mysterious circumstances of her father's death. But the truth gets complicated as twenty year-old memories begin to surface. What Wynn learns will shake her emotional foundation.

ISBN-13: 9781611163346
Publisher: Pelican Ventures
Publication date: 5/16/2014
Pages: 274

My Review: First, I want to thank Lena Nelson Dooley at A Christian Writer's World for hosting Robin on her blog! She always has the best authors and giveaways! 

The story was pretty good. I read it sitting by the pool in about two days. It kept my attention and kept me turning the pages. The characters were well developed and well written. Wynn was an excellent character with a lot of depth and emotions anyone can relate to. I wish we could have gotten to know Doug and his story a little better. He had an air of mystery about him and it would have been interesting to read his thoughts during the trials he endured. The Bridge Over Troubled Water Bible Club ladies were excellent secondary characters and added more than humor to the story!

The story centers strongly around forgiveness. Wynn has to forgive and let go of the things that have happened in her past. "Even if God doesn't help me, or never answers another prayer of mine, He has already done everything for me." What a powerful statement! I think we can all learn to lean on the Lord for help forgiving others and then thank Him for what He's already done in our lives. 

Overall, this was a good book with a great message!

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