Friday, December 20, 2013

Where have I been???

Hello faithful blog followers! I bet y'all have been wondering where I've been. It's been over two weeks since my last post, and I know you have missed me. I have missed reading and posting! Let me give you a little re-cap of my last two weeks....

After my last post, on December 3, I was wrapping up final projects for school and studying furiously for my final exams. They were my last two classes and I wanted to make sure I went out with a bang!

Last week, I took my final exams. It's official! I'm a COLLEGE GRADUATE (although I don't actually walk across the stage until next August)!!!! I feel like I've really accomplished something. It's been 8 years in the making, and I finally finished. I will receive my diploma for my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration some time in February. It's been a long journey, but I am so thankful I didn't quit.

Right now, I am trying to catch up on all the things I had to put on hold while I was finishing up my classes. I promise, I have not abandoned you and I will be posting more AWESOME (I hope) book reviews for you soon! 

I appreciate your patience as I've worked to get my life in order. I hope you haven't given up hope on me. Have a great weekend!

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